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Hormone Pellet Therapy
Hormonal balance in one treatment
Hormone pellets have been used effectively for years to help Men who suffer from Andropause (Low Testosterone) as well as Women suffering symptoms of Menopause. We at Trulongevity realize that some patients do not wish to apply creams daily, or have weekly injections of hormones to help bring them back into balance. That is why we offer simple Hormone pellet therapy.

How Does the Procedure Work?
After a thorough medical and hormone evaluation, Dr. McCracken will prescribe a dose that is specific to your needs. Then, you will come into the office where Dr. McCracken will perform a simple 10 - 15 minute procedure where the pellets are inserted into your hip/upper buttocks area through a tiny incision.
What is my down time?
You'll be home, or back to work, right after the procedure!
How Often will I need to have the pellets replaced?
Usually, our patients require new pellets every 3 - 4 months. Some have symptom relief even longer. But we will evaluate hormone levels at the 3 month mark to help determine your specific needs.