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Our cutting-edge weight loss program based on YOUR unique genetic profile.

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Genetically-Guided Weight Loss (and More!)

Let’s face it. With so many gimmick weight loss options, you’ve often been left discouraged. But why? The truth is, it’s probably not your fault. Without first identify any medical challenges, learning scientifically proven approaches, then finding the motivation to change – REAL change – the results you may have gotten just aren’t sustainable. Welcome to GeneSlim, our cutting-edge, fully individualized, genetically-guided approach!

“Let your genes help YOU back into your favorite jeans!”

Step 1 – Full Medical History & Physical Exam

A thorough, one-on-one medical evaluation by one of our licensed, medical experts – your first all-important step on your adventure!

Step 2 – Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Every adventure has a starting point! Our BCA will give us a clearer understanding of your percentages of muscle, bone, protein, water balance, and (of course) body fat. We’ll even get an estimated biological age. Then, at the end of your adventure, we’ll reassess to show you just how far you’ve come!


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Step 3 – Genetic Weight Loss Assessment (GeneSlim)

Science has come a long way in the field of weight loss. Now, we are able to dig into your personal genetics – YOUR DNA – to learn the unique cellular story of YOU. With a simple swab of your cheek, we will be better able to tell you which foods are best for you, which forms of exercise will bring best results, and even just how your body utilizes specific nutrients. Ever wonder why some may lose weight by walking on a treadmill, while you could do the same for a year and never lose an ounce? Do you know what balance of nutrients is best for your body? Should you lift weights? Run? Your personalized GeneSlim report with help us answer those questions as we zero in on your personalized needs for weight loss success.

Step 4 – Metabolic Blood Analysis

Your primary physician may have done blood tests. But we take it two steps further! Were your hormones evaluated? Your thyroid? Insulin levels? Your stress hormone, cortisol? Vitamin D? Weight gain is often associated with numerous metabolic factors. Our extensive metabolic blood panel with giving us key data that is necessary to assess, then address your unique metabolic challenges.

Step 5 – Personalized Nutrition Prescription

This is where, after review of all of your relevant data, the real adventure begins! You will have your first 60-minute, one-on-one sit down with one of our nutritionist where they will formulate your “personalized nutrition prescription.” Our vast experience and knowledge take all of the guesswork and confusion out of your weight loss eating plan. Whether you’re just wanting to shed a few pounds, or really want to go after long-sought fitness goals, our team is there for you! We know that change can be hard. That’s why, after your nutrition session, our team makes themselves available to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have throughout your journey.

Step 6 – Lipolean Weight Loss Shots (FREE!)

Need that extra boost? Our drug-free, Lipolean Fat Loss Injections jump start weight loss by helping to metabolize fat while also assisting in detoxifying your body’s most important filter – the liver – so that you can process fat more efficiently. Normally $35.00 per injection, you’ll receive TEN Fat Loss Shots FREE! (A $350.00 savings!)

Step 7 – Meal Design with our Nutritionist/Cook

Meal Plan designed and cooked for you based on your genetic test results and blood panel. The first 5 meals included free.

Step 8 – Nutritional Supplements – at a DISCOUNT!

Sometimes, we just don’t get enough of what we need from the foods we eat. Other times, we just need a nutrient boost as we make changes in our lifestyles. That’s we are happy to offer personalized supplement prescriptions, choosing from only the highest quality vitamins and nutrients at 20% OFF of retail price! And, they are delivered to your door with FREE SHIPPING!*

*Free shipping on orders over $50.00

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve tried quick fixes, diet pills, ever starve yourself. You’ve exercised till your bones were aching. You’ve bought into the latest fad diet plan. You’ve even tried those expensive supplements that your friends swore were magic. Yet the results have left your discouraged time, and time, again. Let US remove the guesswork as we take you on an adventure that leads to a leaner, healthier, happier YOU! Treat yourself to our…

GeneSlim Weight Loss Adventure!

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