What are the Causes and Treatment for Low Libido?

What are the Causes and Treatment for Low Libido?


If you’re one of the few million men in the entire world who is looking for treatment for low libido, then there’s a high possibility that you’re also suffering from low self-esteem as well. Don’t fret, low libido in men isn’t an uncommon problem. In fact, it affects 4 out of 10 men worldwide. This is mostly because of age and other varying factors that may affect or hamper the production of testosterone in your body.

What is Libido?

Libido is defined as your sexual desire. As your libido increases, your sexual appetite significantly increases as well. Libido is primarily driven by your biological stature as well as your psychological and social influence. Biologically speaking, libido is the end result of your sex hormones interacting with your associated neurotransmitters that regulate the level of your libido.

As humans, it’s normal that we take pride in our ability to perform and please our partner in bed. Failing to do so would affect most of us massively and at times, would greatly reduce our self-esteem. In women, a common question would be, “how to arouse a man with low testosterone”, but for us men, the more common question would be, “how to increase libido”. Well, read on and together we will uncover the treatment for low libido.

Libido and Testosterone, What’s the Connection?

In men, there is a known correlation between testosterone and libido. Basically, if your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, then it would almost be a guarantee that you will have low libido as well. This is because testosterone plays a vital part in keeping a man, biologically, a man. It’s a man’s sexual hormone that dictates the development of your body. If you produce too much testosterone then you’d be experiencing a more aggressive and irritable behavior. Having too little of it, well, believe it or not, would make you feel more somber and pessimistic and sometimes, depressed. It is always important to have a balanced level of testosterone so that you’ll be at your best form possible.

What is the Treatment for Low Libido in Men

If you want to increase your libido, then it’s important for you to increase your production of testosterone as well. There are a lot of ways to increase libido such as eating food known as aphrodisiacs. This type of food is known to bring a strong sexual desire in a short time after it’s consumed. So normally, a lot of pharmaceutical companies capitalize on this and produce a myriad of aphrodisiac-based medications in hopes of enticing men who want to up their game in bed. Although it’s quite appealing, these medications only provide a band-aid solution to your problem, consequently making you spend more for a supply of these medications in the long run.

Testoseterone Replacement Therapy

However, there are other methods that provide a long-lasting effect on your quest for increasing your libido. One of which is testosterone replacement therapy(TRT), a type of hormonal therapy that intends to alter the testosterone production in your body. With TRT, the chances are high that you’ll replenish the depleted testosterone in your body. Soon, you’ll be enjoying all its benefits including a significant increase in your libido.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Tennessee

Testosterone replacement therapy is getting all the hype lately when it comes to men in their 40s seeking a lasting solution for their dissatisfying situation of suffering from low libido. You can find a lot of places that offer TRT, but you’re best off with Trulongevity. At Trulongevity, your needs will be met with excellent service quality from our team of seasoned professionals. Safety wouldn’t be an issue since it is paramount to our team that you’re safe and satisfied along the way. We offer a free consultation to help set you up and help you understand the treatment better. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now and we’ll help you with your treatment for low libido problem.

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